Marendaz Special  -  Racing success on the track and elsewhere

Brooklands Handicaps

13 April 1925   32nd Short Handicap                          1st  (First appearance of the marque at Brooklands).
27th June 1925  34th Short Handicap                         3rd
24th May 1926  38th Short Handicap                          3rd  (UC3933)
2nd August 1926  42nd Short Handicap                      2nd
2nd August 1926 President's Gold Plate & 40th 75mph Long Handicap      2nd (UC3933)
1st April 1929 34th 90mph Handicap                          2nd
20th May 1929 35th 90mph Handicap                        3rd
5th August 1929  49th 75mph Handicap                     3rd

Also at Brooklands 3rd September 1927, Surbiton M.C. 150 mile Limited Fuel Race, 3rd in the1500cc Class, averaging 30mpg.

Speed Trials

1925 Colwyn Bay   -  Braid Challenge Cup
1925 Littlehampton -  2nd in 1500cc Sports Class, 2nd in Unlimited Class.
1925 Southport  -  4 Firsts, 2 Seconds, 3 Thirds.
1926 Enfield  -  2 Firsts,  Fastest Time of the Day.

TT Races

A Marendaz Special (BJB629) ran in the 1935 TT on the Ards circuit near Belfast.  DMK Marendaz claimed a Class E (1500-2000cc) win and lap record at 73.07mph.

Record Breaking

Class G, British and International  Records, 1100cc

10th November 1927 (Brooklands - UC3933) 500kilometre (71.13mph)
3 hour (70.53mph)

14/15th February 1928 (Montlhéry - UC3933)   24 hour  (58.18mph)
12 hour  (54.68mph)
1000 mile (56.61mph)
2000 kilometre (57.67mph)

Class F, British and International  Records, 1500cc

5/6th November 1928 (Montlhéry - YW6480)    24 hour

(Also note that DMK Marendaz also set a Class B 24 hour record at Montlhéry 23/24 December 1929 in a 5296cc Graham-Paige.  He claimed three 24 hour records for the marque, but in fact, whilst he personally held the three records only two were gained on a Marendaz Special).


Other important events entered

Marendaz Special cars ran in the UK's premier race, the JCC 200-mile race in the years 1926 (UC3933), 1927 (YH6538) and 1928 (Two cars, UC3933 plus one other), but were unplaced.

A Marendaz Special ran in the 1928 German Grand Prix.  It's not known which car this was.  It was unplaced.

A Marendaz Special (BJB629) ran in the 1936 French Grand Prix, driven by Earl Howe and Tommy Wisdom.  It was unplaced.